La Petite Anglicane
Image of a fresh leaf coming out in the spring.
Swetty man looking serious and staring at the camera. Image show half his face with swet dripping from his face. Man is wearing a white shirt, on white background.
Close-up of a chipmunk on a log. He looks like he wants to have a conversation with you...
Kevin Libbos
Woman sittin on sofa wearing black lingerie
Woman in underwear with demanding eyes
Model: Regina Pericolosa. MUA: Jessica (JAM Makeup)
Modèle: Lisa-Marie Girard
Model: Vanessa Venne, MUA: Jessica Lefebvre, Photographer: Yanick Vallée
Cattle looking very angry while stranded after being castrated dehorned and branded with burning iron Image shows a close up of the cattle s head Blood is dripping from the cut horn and drooling appears from it s mouth Very disturbing shot But it shows the reality Image taken in 1997 near the town of Dingo Queensland Australia
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